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Why don't my flowers last very long?

How do I know what I will be getting?

What happens if no one is home?

Why are flowers so expensive?

Why don't my flowers last very long?

This is a tricky question. There can be many reasons why a flower does not last as expected. Chances are it will boil down to one of two things:


  1. The blooms were old when received or
  2. bacteria in the water caused them to die prematurely.

 You can avoid purchasing old blooms by knowing the source (i.e. store) you are buying them from. Ok, I will admit, many purchase a bouquet because it strikes them at the moment or they have an occasion that needs to be celebrated now. Odds are if the place you purchase your blooms is a one stop shopping outlet, your blooms have been sitting in their storage waiting for you.


Price is also an indication. While everyone is always looking for a bargain, cheaper blooms are not always a good deal.


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How do I know what I will be getting?

Communication is the key. If you describe your desired arrangement as "like the one I got last year with all those little white flowers in it" odds are you are going to get an arrangement with whatever little white flowers are in stock.


Pictures help immensely but can be misleading. Sometime varieties have to be substituted because of availability. Pictures can also be deceiving of size. A close up of an arrangement can make it look larger than what you might expect.


A good florist will take the time to ask some key questions to get an idea of what you are looking for. It is a warning sign if the person taking your order is not familiar with specific varieties of flowers you desire.


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What happens if no one is home when my delivery arrives?

If you are ordering flowers, odds are you are expecting them to be delivered. It has become increasingly difficult to catch people at home. Particularly if they have no idea something will be coming for them. It is always a good practice to make the florist aware of the best time to catch someone at home.


Generally, if no one is home a delivery is attempted to be left with a neighbor. This does not always work out because of a variety of reasons. Often, the delivery has to be returned to the shop. A second attempt to deliver will happen though it might not be immediate.


Whether the arrangement is left with a neighbor, or returned to the shop, a note should be left to allow the recipient to know that an attempt was made. It is then up to the recipient to notify the delivering florist they are home and a mutually convenient delivery time will be scheduled. 


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Why are flowers so expensive?

There are many factors that go into the expense of a flower arrangement.  From cultivation to harvest, shipping to processing, arranging and delivery, your blooms are handled by a number of people doing it for a living, not a hobby.


Many blooms are grown thousands of miles from their end destination. Increasing fuel costs have added significantly to the cost of getting a bloom on your dining room table.


Most importantly, higher quality products cost more. There is a difference in most every product you purchase. Higher quality products cost more than inferior products. That is not to say that if it is expensive it is higher quality, but you will know within a very short amount of time if the product you purchase is a quality one or just an expensive one. Demand replacement for expensive but poor quality products. A reputable florist has a replacement policy. All sales are final establishments suggest that they make a habit of using inferior products. 


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Cut Flowers:

Will aspirin help my flowers last longer? 

It was once thought it would. That is because bacteria in the water is the most common factor to shorten the life expectancy of a bloom

Studies have shown that changing the water regularly or using a commercial preservative (available at most florists) provide the best chance for a long lasting bloom.



Why are long stemmed roses more expensive than short stemmed roses?

It takes a longer growing period to achieve length in the stem of a rose. Care also has to be taken that the bloom does not mature before the desired length is achieved. 

Because of the increased time to achieve stem length, the plant will yield fewer cuttings over a year of production. Fewer blooms means higher cost of production per bloom.



Why should I buy flowers when they are just going to die?

Well, that is kind of like asking why should I go out to dinner if I am just going to get hungry again?

The reality is receiving flowers is a special treat. While the arrangement will become history, the memory and joy of receiving it makes a floral arrangement a real value.



How do I know what to order?
Just like anything else, experience is the best teacher. Your professional florist will be happy to guide your decisions but often will not make decisions for you. When given parameters of price, favorite colors, preferred varieties and occasion for sending, a professional floral designer will make you look like a hero.